Saigon Living Experience

When I first moved to Ho Chi Minh City I stayed in Sky Garden District 7, this used to be swamp, until the Korean joint venture redesigned it for cars and heavy good vehicles, you have to remember this is motor cycle country where cars where only for the wealthy now its affordable to many, after getting my bearings I moved to a beautiful designer studio apartment in Canh Vein the picture below was of a painting I had painted by an Vietnamese artist its of a “Fallen Angel” it showed how opulent this pad is. The Vietnamese must show there wealth in material items like watches, and really expensive phones like the Virtue model hopefully with Diamonds, oh yes there is the Diamond shopping mall and the Diamond night Club where I met the love of my life Kim, my favourite place to people watch is Mojo’s which is part of the Sheraton group of hotels, they do the best steak sandwich I have ever tasted Mmm delicious, my Limo driver Ti would drop me off most weekends at The Sheraton, here I would have 2 hour spa massage by Lou B (only this ladies hands would massage oil into my body) then after that slippery experience I would attack that steak sandwich.

Fallen angel Canh Vien

Evenings in Saigon are not yet 24hrs like Bangkok I mean not yet, occasionally I would take the limousine with Ti (click here) that’s if I would have company of course, If you go Bar hopping down-town dude this might be expensive, most bars cater to foreigners, many still living the expat life, if even for a single night, is interesting. Vietnam has a relatively tight expat community everyone knows each other I used to bump into my clients all the time, so the scene is rather easy-going.

Now the area around Pham Ngu Lao is so alive with friendly people, its known for cheap drinks amongst our back-packer crowd. I must say this is a pretty hip hop scene, but mostly aimed at tourists wallets so keep hold of them, as pick pocket working in teams.

You can always drink coffee at a local café. Geez many of these side shops have seats that are plastic stools or bit lie your lawn chairs at home. Whatz great about these chairs are faced out towards the street, its Vietnam’s favourite pastimes, people and traffic watching or motorbike watching.

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